Advisory Service

Technical & Engineering Services

  • Project feasibility assessment and detailed project report (DPR)
  • Owner's engineering
  • Lender's engineering
  • Energy yield assessment –PVSYST
  • Project development – design & engineering and grid application
  • Detail system design engineering
  • Tendering and procurement
  • Construction Monitoring and Quality Control
  • Testing and Commissioning protocol

Asset Performance Management - APM

We have developed a unique scope for Asset Management AI and Machine Learning (ML) algorithm/procedure/tools to optimise assets - "Asset Performance Management (APM)".

  • Minimise loss of production, hence  increase  revenue
  • Help defining non-contractual KPIs as plant performance indicator
  • Help maximising the strength of digitalization and connected systems
  • Increase efficiency of technical asset management
  • Increase efficiency of predictive and preventative maintenance
  • Minimise OPEX
  • Alert for current conditions that indicate future issues
  • Alert if a module is out of warranted performance limit (alarm for potential PID issue)
  • Analyse the causes of asset deterioration and increase the asset life
  • Prevent unplanned downtime
  • Improve safety

Energy Storage Development

Functional description and system configuration

  • Battery pack
  • Battery Management System (BMS)
  • Power Controller Unit (PCS)
  • Monitoring system
  • Transformer
  • Switchgear and control relays
  • System integration
  • Specifications and sizing of the storage system
  • Optimisation of battery sizing by maximising annual utilisation time
  • An electrical schematic of battery storage system

Process management

  • Vendor selection and component due diligence
  • System CAPEX and OPEX estimates
  • Tendering pack and invitation to tender (ITT) process – Best and Final Offer (BAFO) for storage system and client HV components.
  • Planning and development of requirement of cable route and wayleaves
  • Manage the process of any required grid studies and grid code compliance (P28, P29, G5/4, G100 etc)
  • DNO and or ICP interface and design approval process
Asset Decison Management 2

Asset Performance Management

The asset optimisation strategy is a key instrument for asset owners. To help decision making for asset owners, the GreenEnco team have developed a technical portfolio optimisation strategy considering technical, contractual and commercial aspects.

Our optimisation services are proven to be a successful tool to improve the efficiency of O&M contractors and help the asset owners achieve the improved generation of their assets.

GreenEnco Asset Performance Management (APM) is a systematic approach using in-house developed AI and ML algorithms driven by humane intelligence. We improve the plant system efficiency by health check of the equipment, which helps to make informed technical and financial decisions of your assets.

GreenEnco APM process has been validated via peer-reviewed academic journals and in real works systems in Asia and Europe, with an average of 8% generation gain.

Energy Storage Development

GreenEnco team is working on battery storage solutions for the last five years and advised a number of asset owners of their potential utility-scale battery projects ranging from project feasibility studies, system configurations, vendor development, contract negotiation, construction monitoring and O&M. 

We have expertise in integrating battery energy storage systems with solar and wind generation. We have developed a tool to assist a developer and commercial & industrial (C&I) customers to optimise the solar and battery storage capacity by analysing the load profile of the premises. Our solar and battery storage sizing tool gives the most commercially viable solution for businesses.

Battery Storage Solution

Next Steps...

GreenEnco is helping the journey towards net-zero transition for commercial & industrial (C&I), investors, developers, independent power producer IPP) for the full life cycle of solar and energy storage projects. Please contact us for more information and further discussions on the above services.