There is an increasing interest in floating solar projects across the globe, especially in Southeast Asian countries. To evaluate the feasibility of floating solar projects, technology selection, anchoring & mooring design, design optimisation, and O&M practices are some of the keys due diligence factors. Additionally, an accurate estimated generation is an essential step to the growth of the floating solar system.

There are multiple commercial simulation tools available to estimate the generation of a solar system for a ground-mounted system. These tools are traditionally used to assess the estimated energy generation from a floating solar system. However, there is a limitation of most commercial PV software which affects estimating energy production on the water body. We offer owners engineering and due diligence on the below scopes:

  • Bathymetric study
  • Floater and anchoring system selection
  • Design optimisations and technology selections
  • Structural validation of float and anchoring & mooring design
  • Additional generation gain study
  • Health and safety measures
  • Best practice of floating O&M scopes

Operational Excellence

Our team has over 40 years of solar operational excellence globally. We understand and value your expectations at the different stages from concept to the operational phase of a solar asset in the commercial and industrial and the utility-scale projects.

Case Studies:

  • Location: India
  • Capacity: 1.1 MWp (dam)
  • Module: Poly crystalline (345 Wp)
  • Inverter: Central
  • Improvement: Pile anchoring
  • Drift: 5m
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  • Location: India
  • Capacity: 35 MWp
  • Module: Poly crystalline (337 Wp)
  • Inverter: Central
  • Improvement: Dead load anchoring
  • Drift: 1m
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