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Our Approach:

We provide risk management in solar PV and energy storage projects from concept planning through to completion, including engineering & technical services and operational asset optimisation management to our partners in selective renewable energy markets. We are a team of highly skilled professionals with strong operational excellence.


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Our Story:

GreenEnco has provided risk management, due diligence and asset optimisation services to over 11 GW projects in 15 countries since its inception in 2017. GreenEnco has been identified as one of the high-potential UK SMEs developing smart energy innovative solutions.

GreenEnco team has a cumulative experience of over 50 years in renewable energy, engineering, data analysis and software development. Our team have supported over £600M Techno-Commercial due diligence in the primary and secondary solar market in EMEA and APAC. Our founder is a member of the IEC, BSI and IET international standard committee, developing solar standards for global customers.

Existing solar asset owners are increasingly facing generation loss of their assets. A lack of a data-driven decision-making process results in a loss of revenue for them. In addition, reactive O&M response keeps them behind the curve.

GreenEnco has developed a systematic optimisation approach (APM- Asset Performance Management) for operational solar assets, which has successfully implemented over 350 MW of rooftop and ground-mounted solar assets in Asia and Europe with an average of 8% generation gain. APM strategy is driven by a unique combination of "High-Tech" (i.e. artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms developed in-house) and "High-Touch" (i.e. solar domain intelligence), which helps asset owners to unfold the true value of their assets.

GreenEnco's APM can increase the Energy Efficiency of an existing solar system, which ultimately increases the contribution of green electricity to the overall energy mix, resulting in additional decarbonisation and helping gain investors' confidence. APM is a unique solution to a large volume of underperformance solar assets across the globe.

GreenEnco has developed innovative design optimisation solutions to increase the value of a project from the concept to the operational phase of a project. GreenEnco's newly developed tool can perform a technical and commercial assessment of solar and battery storage projects for commercial and domestic applications.

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