Testing & Commissioning of DC and AC system is a measure of quality check of an installation of solar PV electrical system. In addition, a periodic testing of individual components gives a better visibility of the health condition of your solar plants.

Our specialized services that combine advanced technologies to offer a comprehensive assessment of solar panel performance. Through the integration of drone-based Infrared (IR) thermography, handheld IR inspection for SCB/SMB, and I-V curve testing using Solmetric 1500V equipment, we provide a holistic solution aligned with the IEC 62446 standard.

In the pursuit of optimal solar energy utilization, we recognize the importance of maintaining efficient solar plant operation. Our services go beyond conventional testing methods, ensuring that your solar installations operate at their best while adhering to international standards.

Drone Infra-Red (IR) Thermography Inspection:

Our drone-based IR thermography employs state-of-the-art aerial technology to capture thermal images of your solar panels. By identifying potential hotspots and irregularities, we help prevent performance degradation of the components and reduce the risk of expensive failures. Our approach aligns with IEC 62446 guidelines, promoting compliance and best practices.

Handheld IR Inspection:

In addition to drone thermography, our services include handheld IR inspection. Our experts utilize IR cameras to pinpoint anomalies in specific areas of your solar panels, enabling targeted maintenance and repairs. This approach adds another layer of precision to our assessment process, enhancing the overall reliability of your solar energy system.

I-V Curve Testing with Solmetric PVA 1500V:

Our commitment to accuracy extends to IV curve testing, where we employ Solmetric 1500V equipment. By measuring the current-voltage relationship under various conditions, we ensure that your solar panels perform optimally and consistently. This aligns with IEC 62446's emphasis on accurate testing and reporting.

Our methodology mirrors key aspects of IEC 62446, including:

  • Thorough documentation of testing processes and outcomes
  • Identification of deviations and subsequent corrective actions
  • Detailed reporting for future reference and compliance verification

Email us at info@greenenco.co.uk to receive a copy of white paper on the IR thermal inspection related to IEC 62446-3 & Annexe A, B & C of IEC 62446-1.

Our services providing actionable insights that empower you to make informed decisions about your solar energy infrastructure.

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